Burnt lens, shop says it is out of stock, will not allow me to order a replacement

shop says out of stock, will not let me order. That seems dumb, why force the customer to keep circling back to check back order status? Easier on your customer if you notify then just take the order and ship when available.

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Dang. How did that happen?


i do not know. I had a cut on PG wood that did not cut through the part so I thought it was time for a cleaning. Pulled the lens out and this was waiting for me. I am stumped as to what that crud is or how it got there.

Looks like crud on the inner side of the lens. There have been a few instances where plastic melted inside the head. My guess is due to a misaligned head mirror. Just to be safe I would inspect inside the head with a flashlight. Don’t want to just order a lens and find out there are other issues after a couple weeks of waiting.


good call rpegg, on closer inspection, there is what looks like a burn mark on the white? sleeve that the lens fits within and the mirror looks like it took some heat as well. have written a longer message to support. will post outcome here.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.