Business card holder

Help! Im new to glowforge and im looking for business card designs. Please shoot me some ideas!!!

You mean business cards or holders?

If holders, you’re in luckl! There have been a few discussions about it before, @geek2urse’s mandala design jumps to mind:

You can find a few more with a quick search:

There’s so much here, just waiting for you :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum!


I’m going to move this over to Everything Else, since the Free Designs category is just for posting designs. :slight_smile:


Thank you

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Welcome to the forum.
I see that you have only read 15 minutes of information here, so my suggestion is to browse the Made on a Glowforge category, click the Gallery tab and look through the photos there and consult business card online sellers.Also, there are several business card holders in the catalog for sale. Almost everything you see, you an make, but you are going to have to be your own designer for your customers.


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