Button not working

When I go to print I push the print button and the blue light flashes but when I push the button nothing happens. I’ve called and emailed and nobody has responded to me.

It might take support a few days to reply, especially as we’re up against a weekend. One thing you can try is holding the button down for >10s to see if it starts the wifi setup process. If not, then the machine will have to be sent back.


GF support is shifting out of this forum. Make sure you check your spam filters in case they tried to reach you and couldn’t get through.

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Ditto to what @eflyguy and @ChristyM said, but also take a look underneath and see if you can see any loose or disconnected wires. It might be an easy fix! If your machine is still under warranty you’ll want to take them up on it, but if it’s not worth finding out if it’s something you can fix.


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