Caddy with Kyoto Flower


Wanted to make a caddy for my sister’s bedside … and saw @geek2nurse post
… and thought … this is perfect and gorgeous! Until I started realizing that she was using it for markers. Drat!

So, then I grabbed a file I had used previously for Glowforge items which @kittski had shared.
Added the Kyoto flowers from the Springtime in Kyoto pattern. She will love it! It looks just great in Proofgrade Medium Basswood Plywood.

Really appreciate the inspiration and the second go around for making this caddy!


Oh, this is VERY nice. I bet your sis will love it.


Very pretty with the Kyoto pattern. I might have to make one of those up and get the markers out of the drawers. :sunglasses::+1:


Wishing your sister well.


Thank you so much!


It looks great with the Kyoto flowers! Makes me happy you were able to use the caddy too. <3


I had made one out of draftboard way back when you posted it. I didn’t take the time to dress it up … was too excited!

The Kyoto flower and Basswood Plywood makes me think of spring!


I hope your sister gets better! This is a super nice caddy–I guess you wanted a larger one with different size compartments? It’s nice to have a choice.


Yes, something to make it easier to find things on the bedside. Kind of want to make the other one as well, though. Someone gave her a coloring book with some colored pencils … so, she would appreciate seeing the flowers on both, I think. Hopefully will have time before the next trip over. :slight_smile:


This looks just right coming from a loving sister.


I just made the Kittski (thanks, Alicia!) caddy, as well…but I adapted it slightly. Didn’t need a tote, so lowered the center section down. It was supposed to come out flush with the rest of the box, but a slight miscalculation on my part… not a deal breaker. The slots/tabs were a bit loose, so I used some glue in strategic spots. I just wanted some more organized containment for my studio area and this works just great. In fact, I’m mailing the pieces for one to my brother, as well. He’ll have to assemble his own. I also took this opportunity to try my hand with resin, as that’s something I’d never done. Colored the images (Noun project) on my box with my paint pens, then added resin to them. It was fun to learn a new thing.


Nice! I love the resin addition! I haven’t tried that. Maybe some time in the future.