So I was inspired by @markevans36301 “ugly” caddy and decided to try my hand at designing a functional object. I just used a basic box maker to begin with then added and subtracted bits and pieces until I had something that fit my needs.

The kerf isn’t super tight and it needs some glue, but it turned out pretty good actually. I’ve attached the file at the bottom if someone wants to give it a go. If you make improvements to it, you gotta share it here though :slight_smile:



I am quite tickled that my butt ugly utility tray has inspired something nicer. The “I like that but can do better” attitude around here works so well for everyone.


Hey, thanks @kittski, and @markevans36301 too! I’ve got so many cardboard boxes of stuff just randomly sitting around. I really ought to make something like this to organize the stuff better.


Yep! Looks great! :grinning:

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Thank you for sharing your file! I’m sure we all can use a little more organization!

I need organization that allows me to see the contents. If it’s in a drawer or box or bag I can’t find it & then I’ll buy another one of whatever it is so I can proceed with the project at hand. Some time later I will come across the hidden item and finding multiples will put them all somewhere I’m sure to remember, until I need it again and by then they’ll be hidden from my discovery again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing. Congrats on making a functional object - great caddy design!

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Open storage definitely allows you to grab something … and get 'er done!