Calibrating when first turned

i cannot get it to calibrate when i turned it on first time. checked connections already. do i have to have something in it to calibrate?

If you’re referring to the process where it centers the head, that only happens once a wifi connection is established. Does the machine still show offline when powered on?


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Did you successfully go through the set up process and get connected to your home wifi? The machine needs to connect to the internet before it will go through the process of homing and centering.


Ideally you need a 20x12 light piece of material. I have used paper that size on a piece of scrap that big, but it needs to cover that whole area and you need to leave it till it says it is done.

The first thing it will do is make a bunch of marks all across the area, and then it looks like it is doing nothing but that is when all the calculations happen so it must be totally not even be shaken during that process.


Thank you

I don’t think internet is fast enough to actually get it to wifi machine to the internet. It says it is connected but then it still doesn’t do anything.

Speed has nothing to do with it - solely reliability for this particular machine. I’m unsure from the statements you’ve made above exactly where in the process you are. Maybe this will help?

Is your machine connected to the internet? Yes/No
—> If no - go here for instructions
If yes, are you able to begin the calibration process? Yes/No
—> If no - go here for instructions
If yes, does the calibration website say it’s still working? Yes/No
—> If no, then your calibration is complete. Remove the test piece and move on.
If yes, leave it be, it can take quite a bit of time.


Once it says it is connected in the setup process, you return to your home wifi. Can you share a screenshot of your interface. Something like this:


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