Camera issue

my camera wont detect all of my material on the bed.

The camera shows you the usable area of the bed, not the entire bed. What the camera shows as the top of your material may not actually be the top of the material as there will always be about an inch behind the printhead that cannot be accessed. Orient your material and design relative to the lower right corner of the honeycomb tray.


I’m having a issue where my camera show the entire bed but at a reduced size. Only 10 inches is shown on the width and 15 inches on length. I’ve cleaned my lenses. Tried to recalibrate multiple times but comes up with an error. I also can’t set focus. I get an error every time. Earlier last week my print were starting two inches below where they should have been. I sent a message to support but haven’t gotten a response.

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Can you share a screenshot of what your are seeing so we can see the 10 x 15 bed size. The Glowforge can cut an area of approximately 10.9" x 19.5" but has a smaller area that it can engrave.

We can better understand your problem if we can see what your are seeing.

In the photo my material isn’t selected but it doesn’t change when I select material.

My design is 10"x12". I was able to cut/engrave it several times before.

Here is a file that outlines the boundary of a normal Glowforge bed. Can you drag it onto your interface and show what you see?

Bounding Box

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Try moving your design away from the edge of the interface bed. The Glowforge printhead needs time/space to slow down and speed up on every line of an engrave. If there is not room for this acceleration/deceleration, the engraveable area of the interface bed “shrinks”.

That pic to me looks like the crumb tray is not installed.

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Looks that way to me, too, and that would explain the set focus error.

Yes my crumb tray was out. But why does that throw off the set focus? It will focus with it in and show the correct dimensions of the material. Trying to learn. The board I’m engraving is too tall to use the crumb tray. Do I need to manual set the height in order for it to focus? Thanks for your help.

The Glowforge has a 1/2" focus range. If the item to be cut or engraved is not within the focus range you will get that error. Items to be cut or scored must be between 1.5" and 2" from the floor of the Glowforge or .001" - .5" from the honeycomb tray.

You need to elevate your board so that it is in the focus range of the laser, and you cannot engrave to the very edge of the board because of the speed issue.

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I think you will find this helpful: No-Math Focus Ruler

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The only reason to remove the tray is if you are working with material >0.5" that would be too tall with it in. Whatever it is, the surface has to fall in the specified 1.5-2" above the floor, as stated.

Thank you! I think I just got lucky the other times I engraved taller material. This is the first engrave I’ve done on material that is .75 inches thick. I raised it up and, fingers crossed, it will work. Thank you! Thank you!

You will want to prop that up by at least 0.75 (probably a little more to be safe…)

Got it and I used my little “no measure” height tool I printed when I first got my machine. Again, Thank you!!

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