Can I change my forum username?

I think because of my email, my username here got set to ‘glowforge2’. ick. can I change it?

Top right corner, click your picture, the gear for preferences, and then you should be able to edit your username.

username it’s an editable field unfortunately, it’s not even an <input/> element.

Yeah unfortunately it’s the first part of your mail. At least it’s for me :smile:

And no, I don’t think you can change it.

It’s possible but only in 2 ways:
Either contact @dan and he might be nice(I here he is :wink:
Or wait until you are a ‘regular’ on the forum as you get the permission to rename(I think…) scroll to the bottom. (Unless this is about renaming topics)

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I did what @tim_piotrowski said when I first accessed the forum. This is not what my username was last night. you have to click the pencil next to your username in settings.

My username was originally “glowforge” because I used that as the first part of my email address. Dan private messaged me and asked me to change it so it wouldn’t confuse people, thinking I was Glowforge staff. I responded that I was unable to change it, so he chose a name and did it for me. Now I’m fan-of-glowforge, which I guess is an accurate moniker!


It’s strange; I suspect there must be some permissions thing. Because I don’t have a pencil icon next to my user name in settings (I don’t care, I was just fiddling around), but you seem to.

Correct. It is setting when you configure Discourse (this discussion software). It is probably disabled or you haven’t earned enough badges or karma.

I could change mine. I used to be “glowforge” (because, like @fan-of-glowforge, I used a glowforge email address), and I changed mine, but my pencil icon has disappeared…

I just bumped the “how many days after registration you have to change your username” setting from 3 (default) to 30. Change away!

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Hey @dan, missed the window. Any chance of a username change?
I like my school but don’t want it in my forum handle.
Thanks a bunch!

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Sure! Just email with your request & your reason.

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