Can not access Inkscape images allows you to connect to the Glowforge but them from there, it is not possible to access anything but pictures in the picture library or a photo if you access it. There is no way to access a file to print. One can also print out the canned stuff which I have no interest in. There is no software that allows you to see what is in the Glowforge and select an image that is under the hood as far as I can tell.

Did you upload the images from your computer into the GF app.

If you are using the iOS app, that appears to be true, but in fact you can load SVG files from Dropbox by going to the image in Dropbox, clicking on Export, choose Open In… then choose Copy to Glowforge.

1 Like will take you to the home page where load your designs from.


Hi, welcome to the group! :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re looking for some instructions on how to get content into the Glowforge right?

There are some tutorials that will help you to decide how you want to create your content and bring it into the Glowforge here:

(Don’t be alarmed, most of them are just a page or two…they’re a very quick read.)

Here you go:

Have fun! :grinning:



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Thanks for the amazing links, @Jules.

@jodhner, it sounds like you may want to use the trace feature as well! A great way to get started there is the second print in our Learn by Doing section on!