Can someone tell me if there is a way to make Scoring lines more Bold

We have been making Acrylic Light Up Signs. We have Our Site called CreationsByJ.M @ We are working on getting a Website. I dont know how to post pictures. Maybe i can get some tips on how to post our work.

You can copy and paste pics or use the “up” arrow in the comment box to upload a pic.

Experiment with different focus and power settings. That can lead to “thicker” score lines.

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I’m not sure if by ‘bolder’ you mean darker, or wider. If it’s the former you’re after, search for the term “defocus” and you’ll get a lot of good info. (Most of the posts will be talking about engraving and not scoring, but it’s the same thing.)

This one will get you started.

If you mean you want it darker, that’ll take some experimenting on your part because every material is different. There’s invaluable info about what each setting dose in this link.

To add a photo to your post here in the forum, just click on that little up arrow in the middle of the task bar to select your photos. When you select and upload your photo, it’ll show up in the preview pane to the right —> . If you hover over that preview image three % options appear at the bottom and these let you change how large your image preview appears.


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