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I have been wracking my head for awhile about how I wanted to make laser cut glasses. I obviously would like them to hinge but if you’ve followed my work, I absolutely hate having added hardware in my designs and dislike glue and bulky designs. So I decided to go with a snap fit design in the end result, you can add glue if you want to make them even more sturdy but they work just fine like this and if you don’t glue them then you can break them down after. I designed them off of an old pair of 3d glasses I broke apart then thickened the frames up and straightened out the top where that goofy looking dip is in the nose area. And I am proud to say that my facebook page: has grown so much that these projects have pushed me to go instagram official as of today for those who were asking on my other forum post here is the new link the that: <— I will basically be putting most of the fan favorites and more detailed custom projects /behind the scenes stuff on there if you want to keep up and be filled in on some highlights there. It’s amazing how far all these projects have come and all of the great people I have gotten to know over a course of just a few month with the glowforge. #glowforgetakesovertheworld #youguysrule

Comic themed glasses that Clark Kent would be jealous of:

Fresh Start Customs Glasses (and my big head lol, Had to make a second size to fit both mine and my wife’s head.):

What I based them off of to get the shape:


Fabulous specs!


Nicely done! I’ve played with no-hardware hinge designs, but nothing that wouldn’t add unsightly bulk to your sleek look. I agree that the snap-fit looks great and is quite practical here.


Don’t forget to make a glasses case to go with it.

And here are some other glowglasses:


Thanks, I seen others that did hinges and they just look huge.

I was going to make a flat case for them since they lay flat broken down that can slide in and out but haven’t yet.

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I’ve been getting quite a few people asking me about buying the files to my glasses designs, I’m just going to add them to my name your own price group here: if you are wanting them the instructions to buy them are listed there now and I will get to you in the order I receive them, that way I have it all in one location instead of all over the place (forums, pm, instagram, ect.). Thanks everyone.

You might find these interesting, made small and in 1/8 or 1/16 plywood perhaps with the holes sized for toothpicks they would work well I think

These are cut holes for 3 and ten of them per hinge


Interesting indeed I might have to check these out sometime. I have thought about a few different ways but they all include wood dowels, really bulky hinges, toothpicks, nails, actual hinge sets, but I wanted a peer print and use without having to get any other extras.

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This is a somewhat grainy photo of two of the cases I used those hinges. The one with five are similar to the ones I posted that are designed for the hinge to be on the outside, and the other the design that is used by that puts the hinges on the inside. the outside one has a larger hole so I could use the larger bamboo Kabob sticks instead of the small ones.

Your needs, thicknesses, and angles will be different but the design posted should be a good start.


These are spectacular!


Cool hinge design! I’m definitely going to try this one out – merits a post of its own in Free Designs, I would think!


The inside hinge design is built in to, I took the design and changed it so the hinges would go on the outside as my initial box design was too small and did not account for inside hinges the design for the place they would go is the design.

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