Cannot find the shipping date for my filter on my account page

Looked on a account page but could not find updates on filter shipping dates

Can’t help with that, but if you are in need of a filter now, did you hear about the Compact Filter option (that is available now) that you can opt to get instead of the Glowforge filter?

More information on it here, and if you do want to switch instead of waiting, you can send an email to to let them know. A lot of people who originally ordered the Glowforge filter are already using the Compact Filter now.

AFAIK the only place they list that is: but that address isn’t linked from anywhere…so you have to know it to find it :-/

and be logged into the account you made the purchase from!

but there you go :slight_smile:


log into your account on the main page and get to the chat to explain your problem. They will correct the glitch.

@Jules thanks for providing the link to the Compact Filter Exchange thread!

@mnstate If you’re in the US you can fill out the form linked at the bottom of that post to switch over to the Compact Filter. That’s available now to US customers, so you don’t have to continue waiting. I’m sending you a follow-up email with a little more information.

@Deirdrebeth is right about where you should be able to find your estimated delivery date for the filter. If you don’t see it listed, reply to my email, and we’ll look into it.

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread now.

Thanks, everyone for your help!

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