Cannot get my Glowforge button to flash teal to re-setup wifi connection

I changed internet providers a couple of days ago and today have been attempting to connect my Glowforge. I do have a 2.4 connection and that’s what I have my computer connected to, and it’s working fine.

However, going through the steps at, my Glowforge button will not turn teal. (The only time I can get it to change colors is to purple if I hold down the button while I turn on the machine.) I’ve been attempting this for over an hour. I’ve held the button down for 10 seconds, other times even over a minute and it just doesn’t do anything - except a couple of times it flashed teal once and not again. I turned the Glowforge off for a few minutes just now after rebooting everything and it did it again, just flashed teal once.

I need to work on some things and did not expect to have these problems. :frowning:

I know I’ve seen similar issues from others (like here) but I haven’t seen how those issues were successfully resolved.

Can anyone help, please?

P.S. I did try to see if I could connect to the GF and the problem was just with the light itself, but no. I cannot see the Glowforge at all.

Oh wow, that 's crazy. I’m sorry I can’t help you. I’m looking to change service providers soon myself and would like to know how this gets resolved. I wonder if it is a recurring issue when people change service providers or move. This is definitely something I need to monitor.

Edited - this is no longer the case. Comment below.

Unfortunately, this is the procedure to completely reset the machine’s firmware and should never be done unless directed by support, as there is a chance it can brick the machine.

I hope that isn’t the case, but if simply holding the button for 10s isn’t working, it sounds like it may be.

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I don’t think it will actually brick the machine – never heard Support say that, anyhow. What it DOES do, though, is erase all the logs, so they have nothing to look at to tell them what might have gone wrong.


You really shouldn’t tell people things like that! Ugh. I know better, but someone else might not.

Yeah I actually did that by accident, holding down the bottom trying to get it to turn teal and accidentally held it down at the same time. It says it’s in diagnostic mode when it is purple though, so I don’t know.

But it was perfectly fine before. And my husband was so anxious to cancel the old provider that he did it right away when I thought he was going to wait a few days. Lol so I hadn’t checked it yet.

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The factory reset is a more involved button pushing process. The button held on startup puts it into a recovery mode that can be simply resolved by turning off and back on.


That’s what I thought, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Guess I just need to wait for support to help me :smiley:

I apologize, and amended my post.

I have a saved note on my laptop from years back, where simply holding the button at power up was described for the procedure to reset the firmware. That information came from a third-party site that no longer exists (Openglow). Searching now, I see there is a second step required.

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I could never get it to work with just 10s of holding it down. Seems like it takes 30s in real life to change color and go into setup mode.

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I’ve held it l the button down for over a minute and it still didn’t work.
Still waiting for support to help me. :disappointed:

It’s very possible that it was changed. Or not. I know that I started the thing up more than once with something sitting on the button :slight_smile:

Do you have the option to go into the new router and change the 2.4 settings to be the same as the old network?

If the GF hasn’t lost its settings, it should pop right online as if nothing happened.

Yeah I’ll try it, was already planning to do that tonight. But… It should run the wifi setup ugh.
I was planning to make the SSID name and password the same as the old one for the 2.4 connection.

Thank you for sharing detailed information with us here on the forum. I think the best next step would be to set up a time for you to speak with one of our Technical Support Engineers on the phone so we can work on this together in real-time. I’ve sent you an email with details on how to schedule the call, so I’m going to close this thread and we’ll continue to assist you via email to book a time that works well.

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