Can't connect to Glowforge WiFi

First time use: I pressed the round button for 10 seconds, and my computer recognizes the glowforge xxx-xxx network, but won’t connect to it. Can anyone help me?


What kind of computer? Does it give you an error message? Perhaps you have a setting or security software that doesn’t allow a connection to an insecure network. Even more likely there’s a “connect anyway” button somewhere you need to push to connect to a network that isn’t the internet…

Do you have another device to try with? Tablet, phone?

Mac. No error message.

My computer can see the Glowforge xxx-xxx network, and my computer seems connected, but the page keeps saying “Waiting for you to connect glowforge to WiFi”. Minutes pass, and nothing.

I tried connecting to the Glowforge xxx-xxx network with my phone and it could connect, but no “internet”. Does this help?

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I always suggest that folks watch this video by @rpegg in case it helps:

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The video @cynd11 posted is a good walkthrough.

The Glowforge is just broadcasting an ad-hoc network; when you connect to it, you won’t have internet access. The process of connecting to the Glowforge is solely to instruct the Glowforge to connect to your home network (by identifying your home network, providing credentials, etc.).

I understood that part, but it’s not telling me “Huzzah” now find a new network.

I found that video already and watched it, but this page:

Isn’t updating to ask me what router/network to join.

You could try doing the setup from your phone. It’s possible something about your computer’s networking is getting in the way of the local connection it tries to make to the Glowforge. Once you’ve gotten through the setup, that should be a non issue since it’s all done through the cloud from that point.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’ve begun troubleshooting there, so I’m going to close this topic. I’m sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

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