Wifi signal wont show up , again!

When you say you had to press and hold the button etc is that because the button was not glowing teal? So you were pressing it to cycle it over and getting the Glowforge to send out a new Wi-fi signal? I have a glowing teal button, and have tried two computers and a phone, I have “forgotten” the home wi-fi net work and after numerous tries still don’t see the Glowforge wi-fi to finish the setup.

Frustrating. I am having the same problem. Teal button and no glowforge wi-fi.

That’s My exact issue too.

One of our guru’s explained this pretty well before…


Are you using two different devices? One mobile device that is in airplane mode so as not to use cellular data an can only connect to the Glowforge’s wifi adhoc network. If your mobile device is using your wifi network to connect to the internet, you really don’t have to be in airplane mode. Just connect in the Settings wifi area and find the ad hoc network. Have a laptop or desktop computer handy that is connected to the internet and can log into the app.glowforge.com.

Once you are on Glowforge XXX (found in the settings place of your mobile device), then in your wireless device’s browser, app.glowforge.com/setup should be where you are. It will identify your own network. You are looking for your own wifi network SSID at this time, not Glowforge XXX.
CLick on your own home wifi network name.

Once you are able to put the password the Glowforge is connected and then it normally passes you off to your normal network, unless you are still in airplane mode and then I don’t know that it will bypass that setting and connect to your normal wifi.

At this point go to app.glowforge.com and log in on another computer connected to the internet. You should see the Glowforge there.

If you need to do this all again, shut off the Glowforge, Turn it back on. Press the white button for ten long seconds until it starts to teal.


Yes. Jules linked a better detailed post about a couple of tips. I used my phone to connect to the GF’s wifi. When you put it into airplane mode to turn off cellular data make sure you turn wifi back on (just don’t connect to your home network). Some phones turn both cell & wifi off in airplane mode - some leave wifi on.

Then check for the GF’s wifi.

OK. Thinking some people are visual and not everyone speaks the same language. Spent 5 minutes and went through the Wifi setup on my machine. Quick, unedited video.

The unboxing instructions send you to setup.glowforge.com. That link is preferred so you can follow the complete setup process and name your Glowforge. It includes the Wifi setup process. But if you are simply having problems with Wifi or want to change Wifi connections you can go to app.glowforge.com/setup as I show in the video.

After the setup process is complete you go to app.glowforge.com to start your first print.


Oh good job! I’ve got that linked in the Matrix now. :grinning:


Great job.

I think people are confusing the connecting the laptop (phone, pc) to the GF wifi and then when you tell it what your home network & password that it is then hooking the GF to your home wifi (your laptop/phone/pc usually reconnects to your home network automatically once the GF connects to the home network because it stops broadcasting its wifi access point so your pc goes back to its default network).

Really nice & straightforward - showing is worth way more than all the text posts we’ve had on this :slight_smile:


Worth noting that if you happen to type in your wifi password wrong, it just gives you a vague message about there being an error with the network - doesnt auto pop up and ask you to try again or anything. You have to go back a few steps and do the process again. If you aren’t half-expecting the password to be wrong, that could trip some people up.


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Good luck. I have an order in with support, so hopefully we can resolve this after the weekend, and I can start cutting.

Thank you. The Glowforge adhoc wifi network does not show up on any of the devices that I have tried. So I have been unable to get past this first step.


Could your ISP be blocking the signal? Who is your ISP?

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They cannot.

I got no clue then.