Can't connect to internet

Picked up my gf today!! All four handles intact with only a small tear in the cardboard. Carefully unpacked, turned it on, button is teal, connect laptop to gf, but can’t connect it back to home wifi. Tried four times. I must be missing something stupid as this should be the easy step, right? Checked FAQs, etc and don’t see anything. Sent note to support as I didn’t want to bother all of you. Not sure what to try next. Turned gf off and back on, head moved to center and back to corner, but button is not teal anymore, so can’t proceed with setup. Any thoughts?

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A lot of people are helped by this video:


Yes I did all of that up to the reconnecting to my home wifi. That failed and so I can’t proceed. I’ll try again… Thx for the link!

Ok, tried it again for the fourth time and it finally worked! Thx!!


Thanks for your help, @AhnoldZ.

@garyellefsen I’m so sorry you ran into trouble during setup and I’m glad to hear you got it solved. If you have any other questions, please post a new topic.