Cant connect to WEP 2 Enterprise Wifi, it was connected before...password changed

I am a classroom teacher navigating my way around all the problems of having this thing in a work setting.

I HAD it connected to wifi, however our passwords change every few months and now my glowforge is useless. I keep trying to connect with the info and it says device error. I THINK im putting in our domain correctly, it would be with the @ sign correct, now something like

IT is useless at my school so theres no point in asking them. Again i was and have been connected but the wifi password resets many times a year.

This is honestly a nightmare, i have a big parents meeting in which they are going to make lasercut items and then we are going to show it off, i received this from a grant. I was hesitant to even purchase because it required this wifi based connection, however it seemed accessible to kids for certain aspects. This laser may cause my school to lose faith in giving me grants if this laser keeps having problems like it is.

I am doing the same thing i always do to connect to the wifi on the WAP2-enterprise network and i am insanely nervous. Anyone have similar experience or can offer help / guidance?

Re set it up on a computer connected to the new wifi.

Press and hold the button on the glowforge until it starts pulsing and glowing a teal color.

Then go through the connect to a printer setup in the glowforge settings page

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I’m sorry that you have to do that extra hassle with enterprise WiFi. This issue was something that got revealed gradually as we all waited for the roll out of production units. One of the major headaches of having only one method of connection. I’m posting @Rita’s topic on this just for reference to everyone else to save the search. And for me to review what the procedure is.


Already did that, getting errors connecting

I have reviewed that, maybe i need to connect to my phone wifi to update first idk, it sucks,

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The update first on a hotspot is a wrinkle to this thing for sure. Keep posting your progress. I’m rooting for you. Being under the microscope in rolling out a new technology in any institution is not a fun place to be in. In so many ways the Glowforge is exactly what a school could use as a laser. But with exhaust, noise, and connectivity issues, along with user accounts, it adds a complication that out-weighs the ease of normal operations.


True, ive been fairly satisfied, its just the wifi thats the sticking point. Ill keep updated.

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Glad this was posted, as I recently changed my wifi password. I was able to reconnect my Glowforge by pressing and holding the button. Thanks!