Can't find the Founder's Ruler file

I’m wanting to print the Founder’s Ruler but can’t find the file for it or the Square.

Just in case: Should be on the very first page of designs. You’ll have to scroll down and show more designs. If you accidentally deleted it, you can ask to have it put back in.

If they added search to the design space, it would be most appreciated. Not sure why such a basic functionality in file management isn’t available.


I "Show More"ed until the very end and never saw it - Never made it, either.

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I think the Founder’s Ruler was only for the people who pre-ordered. I can cut you one, if you want. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, but we needed it tonight.

There are some great ruler designs in the free designs area – what exactly are you looking for? Could you modify this one to work?

The other little measuring device is called the “Gift of Good Measure”…I think everyone gets that one. (But I’m not sure, so just check for that name.)


Just for the record if you can get a PDF of a printable ruler Glowforge should honor the dimensions and get you a workable ruler. In case you needed yet another solution

Here are a couple of sites you can get rulers to laser.

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@ruthmccabedesigns texted me last night that they found something that would work for what they needed, so I think she’s set for now, and this thread can be closed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know, @geek2nurse.

@Jules is correct, while everyone can print the Gift of Good Measure, only Founders can print the Founder Ruler.

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