Can't rotate jpg in GFUI

I am importing a .jpg. I get no “lollipop” rotate handle on bitmaps. Am I missing something?

Upon import the graphic does not retain the orientation that I saved the original image at. That’s annoying.

Currently you can only rotate vectors in the GFUI, not bitmap images.


Pro tip - if you export your bitmap graphic as .png, it retains the original rotation orientation. When in doubt, start trying stuff.


The tried and true method of “by gosh by golly”.

Also, if the image is something like a photograph, JPG can be OK.

If it is line art, or has sharp, high contrast transitions, as is common with text, JPG tends to introduce compression artifacts (little speckles around the edges of such transitions. The Glowforge will happily in grave these…making for not-so-happy Glowforgers.

Best to use PNG format to eliminate such artifacts. (Though, of course, just converting from JPG to PNG will not get rid of the artifacts, that you’ll need to do in an image editor if your source image starts from a compressed image.)


Cool. I am coming directly from Photoshop to png - loss should be minimal.

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When in Photoshop, rotate it to the desired orientation before saving. That is all.


Just here to concur that you can’t rotate bitmaps in the GFUI. In my quest to point out areas for growth in documentation, information and best practices, that you don’t know this basic, fundamental and often repeated fact from the start of your laser experience should be a cause of concern for those tasked with documentation and user experience. It absolutely does not reflect at all on your technological literacy. We are all learning here.


Thanks for the answer, @tim1724. That’s correct.

I’ll pass on the request for the ability to rotate JPG files.