Can't Select Material

This morning I go to select material and when I click it the screen goes white and won’t reload. I’ve restarted my laptop, the glowforge and I tried a different browser as well as other prints. Has anyone else had this issue?


samer here!!!

I am having the same issue.

Me too. Have a big order to get out before I go out of town.

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same! I have 26 orders I have to push out today and tomorrow

MAJOR Problem! PLEASE look into this asap!

Yep, same here. Very frustrating as have 120 pairs of earrings to cut :grimacing:

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This is a major issue! I have a ton of orders to make!! You guys really need to get a better app system for this machine. I am almost thinking about buying a brand new machine that’s not Glowforge so I don’t have to deal with the internet website app anymore. Please fix this issue!


same here… and rebooted and even looked to see if maybe their servers are down but they all said they were up and running… sooo I guess support tickets should be our next steps?

I’m having the same issue…

My colleague and I have students needing to do final projects and both of us were concerned it was something on our end. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad to see this here.

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Exact same here. Hopefully, it’s very temporary.

No way this is true seems like numerous people are having the issue. They really need to listen to their customers.

I put in a support ticket. I’m hoping we all can get up and running fast

Also can not select material and it will not recognize proof grade materials either.

Definitely an issue on Glowforge’s end. I have tried using Firefox, Safari and Chrome to check the issue. Also tried on multiple devices and the same thing happens. Have raised a ticket with Glowforge. Fingers crossed it’s sorted soon.

Same here and this is exactly what most buyers are afraid of. Being controlled by their server.


Having this same issue right now.

I am also having the same issue! I sell on Etsy and have a 1 day turn around. I really need this to work before 3pm ASAP!

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