Can't Unscrew the Shipping Knobs

I just got my machine, after scraping $5k together, one side of the box cover was already open/tore from shipping so let’s hope I’m not charged almost $300 for new boxing, and whoever packaged it screwed the right knob in with the might of Zeus. “Use a pair of pliers to get it where you can do it by hand.”, can’t because it’s on so unbelievably tight I’d destroy the rubber. “Use a wrench.”, THEY STRIPPED THE HOLE. This is why I HAD to have the 3 year warranty, because nothing can go right lol. What am I supposed to do? Ship it back and wait ANOTHER 2 weeks before I can get started? I can’t use my machine with this knob in the way of my arm moving.

If you took pics of the box before opening, then told support about the issue with the knobs, then they will likely replace it with a new machine shipped in a new box, that will be used to ship this one back. They have no control over how these machines are abused by shipping companies.

It’s frustrating to have to wait. Many of us waited 2 years for our machines. That doesn’t make it right, it’s just the reality of dealing with a small company that outsources everything.


I didn’t take photos of the box yet. I didn’t even realize until going to open it. I’ve had it sitting in my office the last couple days since it arrived because I didn’t have time after work to set it up. I’ve been waiting 3-4 years to finally be making enough to justify buying it and I even had to borrow $500 from my dad that I’m paying back today because I didn’t want to wait 2 more weeks to get the machine and get started lol seems pointless to have rushed it now. So contact support and wait 2 more weeks is my only course?

Pretty much, if you truly can’t get the knobs loose.


Sadly I can’t without risking damaging the machine. I’ve submitted a support request.

There has been at least one report here of a similar issue. Out of over 100,000 machines shipped, it’s not a common issue, but it’s not pleasant when you’re one of them.


I have some of the worst luck like you wouldn’t believe so naturally it’d be my machine lol.

All I can say is to consider how many happy and productive owners there are. Browse thru the “made on a glowforge” section. I’ve had and been using my machine for 5 years. The company does not want unhappy owners but don’t actually manufacture the machines. I hope the costs for replacing poorly-assembled machines is borne by those outsourcers.


Same. I’ve already seen more than enough to know I want this machine and to be using it to its full capacity. I’ve watched thousands of videos of what people have been making and I know what it can do for me, if I had a working machine lol. I’m just very very upset to be one of the few that have this particular issue but I’m not surprised because of how my life goes. Hopefully they see my request in 2 days and send the replacement in the 3 days like they do for the ritzy people getting the Pros lol but I sincerely doubt it. It will probably be at least another 2 weeks and 2 days before I can make anything. Thanks for responding. I’m just gonna leave it in their hands and see what happens.

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How frustrating that you cannot unscrew the knobs. Others have had difficulty and tried gently lifting the carriage arm or jiggling the arm a bit. Sometimes in shipping the machine body can get torqued and put a bit more stress on the knobs. Others have used vice grips and jar openers to assist with the bolt.


a hopefully helpful tip.

if you are able, as some folks cannot, hold the replacement at the depot and pic it up yourself there.

in the past the most damage seemed to occur in the “last mile” of the delivery process.


Idk. I work 40hr weeks overnight. I can’t really guarantee that I can do that. I’m still waiting for the support team to respond and since they didn’t contact me Friday (the last day of MY weekend) I’ll have to wait all weekend and hope they try Monday, probably while I’m sleeping. It’s just a massive headache and I feel stupid for ordering. I hope they get ahold of me early in the day while I’m up and tell me they’ll send a replacement and send me a shipping label or whatever I need to send this thing back. It costs almost 5X what I paid for my car and I just wanted to get it and start my road to making things and making it my primary source of income. Everything that can keep me from it happens, the client I was working with had to go to the nursing home and I lost all my hours and that stopped me, then I got hit by some blind old man on my way to my first date since my worst breakup ever and my car was totaled so that stopped me, etc. then I FINALLY buy the thing, and I can’t even use it. It would be one thing if it was an account issue and I still had a machine ready to start working with, but to literally not be able to use it because a physical issue and having to return it and HOPE that they send a replacement quickly, I’m just feeling very upset right now.

The orange knobs are strong enough to withstand pressure. Use a vice grips. Jiggle the carriage a bit. Make sure you are turning the knob in the right direction. Ask someone stronger than you to help.

These machines are heavy. How are you getting it on tables or back in the box by yourself? Keep trying to unscrew that knob.


I’m not that dumb man, lefty loosey is pretty simple, turn the left one towards you, right one towards the back of the machine. It will not budge even a little. I barely touched it with pliers and it started to bend in on the rubber so I stopped. I know the rubber grip will tear if I try anything harder than my hand or a leather sheet and don’t feel like paying $250 for new packaging after dumping $5k. I’ve already tried to lightly jiggle the arm, it’s not happening mate. Anything less than vice grips will not get it out. As for lifting the machine it’s not heavy, just awkward. I had to have help with THE BOX lol. Huge, awkward, etc. but lifting it out and setting it down carefully on my desk was no big deal.

If you are hoping to use this as a primary source of income, and have as bad of luck as you state, then you need to build in redundancy as soon as possible. By that, you will need a backup laser. This is not a workhorse laser, those typically cost $20K+. Just an FYI when you are working on your business plan.


You will find the need for all sorts of extra tools as you proceed, so now is as good a time as any to get started :slightly_smiling_face:
All you need is to have a long enough lever and even 5 degrees at a time will get you there. Also while a new box is $250, the orange bits are much cheaper,

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