Canva elements saved as SVG but not uploading in glowforge app

I have googled and YouTube videos to no avail. I switched browsers at the suggestion of Canva and still didn’t work. I also made sure that all browsers I attempted to use were the most up to date version including the Canva program itself. All are up to date. How do I combat this issue? Unfortunately what I am creating MUST be an SVG file because I am shrinking it down to earring size and don’t want to loose the quality of the photo. It saves no problem as an SVG and uploading a photo into Canva and using elements to outline my photo into a specific shape. However when I go to upload in glowforge the file is saved correctly as an svg but when it comes up on the glowforge screen it looks like the original photo before all the edits. Why is this happening? When I save as a jpeg or png in Canva and upload in glowforge the elements and design edits all save. However the photo shrunk down looses quality because it’s not an SVG. Thanks in advance.

It sounds like your file contains a clipping path or photo mask. The Glowforge interface does not process those procedures properly. You don’t need to save items as an svg. The Glowforge processes pdf and jpeg files just fine. I am not familiar with Canva, but here is the process of removing clipping paths explained for Adobe Illustrator. Video Tutorial - Removing Clip Paths in Illustrator


I don’t know Canva either, but you could see if something like this works:

or this:


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