Video Tutorial - Removing Clip Paths in Illustrator

I thought I’d run out of ideas for these, but there was an interesting discussion over in My first Laser tile that led to this one.

NOTE: This is a two-part series. The first video below mistakenly demonstrates a technique that results in duplicate paths and won’t actually be usable for cutting or scoring. The second video contains the correction and a new approach that works properly.

Video one (how not to do it):

Video two (correction):

Sorry for the drop in quality from the others, I was struggling to focus because guests were starting to arrive for a party. There are more umms and ahs and roundabout explanations than I’d like, but not enough for me to re-do the whole thing, so it is what it is.


Meh, IMO there is never a need to apologize for production value when you are doing volunteer work and providing useful knowledge to the community.



Another great video. Re: Glowforge not wanting people to use Export for Screens: as long as it produces a valid SVG file with the necessary attributes and no unsupported features, it’s none of their business what we use to do that. Just because some individual is not technically saavy enough to understand what’s going on, doesn’t mean the rest of us need to fall back to the least common denominator


Their forum, their rules. I was told by Dan that I can’t state facts that run opposite to their advice, so I’ve been doing my best to behave.


Never mind the blurred stuff, I went and found @Jules’ post. I also added a link to it in the OP.

[quote=“chris1, post:1, topic:15444”]
the resulting file has duplicate paths
I noticed that the red rounded square appeared to overlap the black rounded square; is that the only instance of duplicate paths or are there more?

(I thought the video was quite good.)

Well who on their team is coming up with advice that will have customers lose the full fidelity of the Illustrator file and fall back to SVG (Save As vs Save a Copy)? That’s just wrong.

Anyway, it’s a customer forum, and unless they are paying you, I would continue to give people the best techniques and hopefully @dan will come around.

Just my opinion.


I edited my post to also include the second video that explains what went wrong with the first one and how to do it properly.

Oh yeah, the crop is a much better method…added to the Matrix.

Very cool. The way that crop feature creates paths with different strokes is weird, but combined with Illustrator’s selection mechanisms it turns out to be useful.

Now I wish AD had a crop tool and those cool selection tools…

I suppose at some point I’ll have to break down and buy Illustrator, but $20/month is pretty steep compared to a one-time purchase of $50 for AD. :frowning:

But sooooooo worth it. I love me all things Adobe.

How many mudders do we have here again?

All the Mudd logo stuff recently was because of stuff I posted in the laser tile thread. (I had a design that was easy to do with clip paths, but GF doesn’t do those yet, so I asked for help in doing it without clipping.)

I don’t recall seeing any Mudders here besides us, but I do know at least one other Mudder with a Glowforge. (I don’t think I’ve seen her posting here on the forum, though.)

If you have a .edu e-mail address, there’s a pretty good student discount.

The student discount is $20/month for CC. (Or $10/month for just Photoshop and Lightroom.) Sadly there’s no $10/month option for just Illustrator.

Without student discount Illustrator is $20/month on its own. So basically I’d be paying that, and getting the other stuff (which I’m very unlikely to use) for free with the education deal.

FWIW, Photoshop would probably be beneficial. The mobile apps would also be useful. I actually prefer the Adobe Capture mobile app over the AI trace much of the time - and that it dumps it straight into Illustrator on your computer is great.


Thanks Chris1 for explaining this. It solved one of my problems with cropping lines in Illustrator.

However, when the lines you’re cropping are not straight, Illustrator adds unwanted lines to create shapes (or closed paths, however you want to call them).
Let me try to explain my issue with some screen shots:

Has anybody a clue on how to prevent this from happening or a (quick) fix?