Captain America Shield Earrings


Haven’t posted in a while and thought I would share these Captain America Shield earings I made for a friend to where with her Captain America Halloween costume.

Made from Acrylic. The pieces fit so tightly together that no glue is needed.


Well done. Excellent use of the vibrant colors of acrylic.

I wonder if they could be sanded and polished into a dome shape? They’re awesome as is though, really well done.




Wow, no scorching at all or flashback. Nicely done.





Waving a small torch over them while on a round form would work, or oven @300. Just pat form with a glove on until desired shape.

Problem here is they are not one chunk. I have found tight things like shown get very loose once heated. Unsure why, but they will indeed be loose once it all cools down.

Still, it would be worth a try on another one. (for science).


Did you have to account for kerf when fitting them together? If so, how did you do that?


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Very nice! And will look just as great from the back!


Those are really beautiful!


Thank You