Cardboard Escalation

OK, so this may seem insane…

A friend of mine runs a brewery, and its second anniversary is this weekend. He saw the stacked cardboard 3D hand I’d posted here and asked if I could do something similar with his logo. Some thought and 25 hours of work later, there’s this.

It’s 3 feet wide and consists of 507 individual pieces cut from 4mm cardboard.

The actual logo is included for reference. I used Tinkercad ( to extrude the 2D image into a 3D object, and then used Slicer ( to break the model down into pieces for cutting and assembly.


That’s amazing.


Wow! What a great project. I love the aesthetic.


that is fantastic!

And only 25 hours to design, cut, and assembly? Wow.


Holy smokes, you really pushed it to the limit! Great project.


Happy recipient.


If you make a second one, hang a basket ball rim to each one, you could have a full-court basketball court!!! :slight_smile:

That is really gorgeous!!!


You win the extreme patience award for this :blush:


Very nicely done! The fact that in the horizontal direction you have 8 pieces of cardboard for each slat just adds to the visual impact. (Although it also added to the patience required!)

And I don’t see much soot on the edges of the cardboard. Did you just dial it in or did you remove?


That is super cool, but for 25 hours of work I hope you don’t have to pay for a beer in quite a long while. :beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers::beers:


It’s actually 4 pieces across at the widest point, but yes, patience required (the fiddly little bits at the top of the tower were the worst.)

The settings I’ve figured out (225/100) don’t leave much visible char on the front or back, but there’s soot for sure - you’re burning the crap out of a combustible material with a blast of energy, so it’s unavoidable. I didn’t take any pictures of my soot-and-glue-covered hands, but trust me, there’s soot there.


Been meaning to ask you, where is “4 hrs west of the Frozen Tundra”?

Yes, he did offer up a fair amount of beer (and it’s very good beer).


Ha - thank you. I hadn’t thought about the resemblance.

The 3D shape could make for some interesting ricochets and bank shots!!!

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I’d guess St. Paul Minnesota. :slight_smile:

I have lived north of St. Paul, Minneapolis MN. Always considered that the temperate zone, even in winter!!! :slight_smile:

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I live in Wisconsin and when I hear “Frozen Tundra” I think Lambeau Field (where the Green Bay Packers play). So four hours west of there is St. Paul Minnesota. A bit obscure I guess.


Makes complete sense to me now that you explained it! Although you are getting pretty close to Vikes country where you live!!! And they have a heated indoor field.

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I did think for @caribis2 to live in Vikings country and refer to Lambeau field to be a bit odd but hey, who doesn’t love the Packers. :slight_smile: Maybe that’s why my theory might be wrong. I live an hour south of the Frozen Tundra myself.