Cardstock craft, cards, and pop up art

Hi, As a new member but no stranger to creating art. I was wondering in advance what tips on Glowforge. What weight\ in laper, as well as laser settings. And is there a raised mat or tips to\ adding support thru magnets to create the perfect gift. Thank you in advance.

You’re going to want to do a search for “paper” - there is loads of information, both as far as settings and styles, and ideas for some fairly amazing paper crafts.


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Search is your friend. Here is a place to start: Somewhat Comprehensive Testing of Settings for Cutting Paper and Cardstock - #61 by josh15


Also, consider a Seklema mat.


or if you’re handy - building this ab fab vacuum table!


Or you can apply repositionable adhesive spray to a piece of plywood and use that as a sticky mat.


does that really work? The spray sticky doesn’t turn into something noxious does it?

As long as there is no chlorine in it (check the msds for hazardous combustion products containing HCl, hydrogen chloride, or halogen—those would indicate the presence of chlorine). Many people on this forum have made sticky mats out of plywood using this method.

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