Cast and extruded Acrylic

I want to buy some acrylic that’s listed on Etsy. I wrote the Etsy shop and they said that they didn’t know if it was useable. Here are the descriptions for the acrylic and you guys let me know what y’all think

Acrylic is produced in two basic versions, cast and extruded. Cast acrylic is produced by mixing the acrylic liquid ingredients in molds. For acrylic plates between two glass plates. A chemical process in the mold create a homogeneous material with equivalent properties in all directions. In contrast, extruded acrylic is produced by continuously pushing acrylic mass though a form, while the chemical process takes place. Extruded acrylic is therefore heterogeneous, with properties which vary depending on the direction.

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Thank you!

The issue is more about melting point. Extruded material has to have properties that it can be extruded, and cast does not. So the thing I have generally found when I try to cut extruded is the sides of the cut melt back together.

I suppose this is a good thing when engraving but you will still have to cut that. So I try and stay away from extruded material. I believe all of the PG material is cast.


Both cast and extruded acrylic are safe to use in your Glowforge. Mirror acrylic is almost always extruded. Extruded acrylic smells worse than cast (in my opinion) and does not engrave as nicely as cast. There are many discussion threads regarding the differences of the two types of acrylic here in the forum. Here is one. Extruded vs Cast Acrylic


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