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Just curious has anyone made any of the catalog items out of material other than what they recommend. There is a couple items I would like to make from acrylic instead of wood.


I’d check the slot sizes and compare them to the thickness of the actual material you use…they’re not going to fit the same without adjustment of some kind.

The medium plywoods run about 0.130-0.134" thick, and the acrylics run 0.115" or so.


I made the snap fit box and the painters tool trestle bench using watercolor art board which is about 1/16”. I resized the pieces to about half of the original in the GFUI. They didn’t fit too bad.


The rulers work just fine in acrylic :wink:

I kind of wish there was a way for us to edit the files in the app, especially the ones we pay for.


I made the ruler keychain thingy (it has a name I am sure) with the nut sizers in them, in fruit leather…


I bought the chess board without any intention of using proofgrade materials.
It was a bust.
Eventually I may get back to it; but not having the right dimensions didn’t work well on that one, and I didn’t really anticipate that.

2-d designs will work fine, but I just didn’t think of the chess set as 3-D.

I see why it isn’t done.
Ah well.
It would be brilliant if we could buy designs with some variables… input material thickness and then parametric design would do a whoosh magic custom output for us… but that would be ridiculous programming.


I made the snap together box in oak plywood which is quite a bit thicker than recommended.

Carefully measuring the expected thickness I found that the plywood was 170% thicker and so using the rulers in the GFUI I scaled the entire design by that amount and it not only snapped together fine but made a much more useful sized box.


That only really works if your design fits on the material at that size. :wink:

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That ridiculous programming is the reason why I didn’t add it to my publicly desired wishlist. I was thinking about it, but I think I would prefer the manual adjustment option if I had to choose. I just keep getting pieces of scrap that are thicker on one side than the other, so to save me the sanding…

True enough but though I had to skitter parts about to stay at the 19" limits I was able to get them all in one cut if I was doing as I am now working with only 3" wide that would be another matter but that is a big advantage of plywood, that it is not the limiting factor.

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