Damn does my GF smell good right now



Well challenge accepted. The CVS near my lab was out of actual fruit roll ups, so had to get strawberry fruit leather, which sort of looks like a leather luggage tag blank. Used the :proofgrade: walnut veneer settings

Then of course what to print? I realized for children they need a healthy and educational snack… so…

OK, as far as art, this is not @smcgathyfay body painting some of the most beautiful models in the world, or @drea level leather work, but I bet it tastes way better than her masks (actually didn’t have a burnt taste at all…)

My GF smells so nice right now, opening it you get a nice whiff of strawberry. @dan, whatever employee gets this PRU is going to wonder why the inside looks like a frat house microwave…

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(link for when @discourse loses the video link)


Well now, that is pretty amazing! This is the best food forging I’ve seen yet!


I learn something from this forum EVERYDAY!

Need some fruit leather now - LOL


How exactly did you upload that video? I take a timelapse video of the majority of my prints and would like to share them but the videos tend to be too big.

I recently started enjoying fruit leather - I used to just tolerate it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re hilarious. And clever. Please keep entertaining me with your non-Proofgrade madness!


Your posts never disappoint.

This one has a measurement of taste. :wink:


I have a Vimeo Pro account


I see! So you’re essentially embedding the video…well then that makes more sense.


Wow, your PRU is so much faster than my Pro. :wink:


In time-lapse time, I can be faster than a $100,000 fiber laser…


Can also upload to YouTube, then post as a link. It will auto-embed if the link is a line unto itself.


I genuinely thought the title was sarcastic, but I’m impressed! I can’t wait to get my pro, maybe I’ll laser cut me some bacon!


OMG…that is frickin awesome!!! Never thought it would cut so perfectly…but yea .leather…fruit or cow…I guess they are close enough :rofl:



  1. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as fruit leather.
  2. I would have never thought of doing something like this.

Thank you for pushing the boundaries and showing us all new ways to think about the Glowforge!


Fruit leather… ordered. Thanks!:smile:


Wow! You could have made some unique treats for trick-or-treaters last week :slight_smile:


This is the product I used: