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(Original post: Requisite Catan Board)

Towns, settlements, and roads – designed for PG medium acrylic. The buildings are 3 layers each, with the chimney layer in the middle.

Numbers and “robber” - designed for PG medium plywood. Make sure the diameter is correct to fit your hexes (I imported / exported mine several times and am not sure the sizes ended up the same as they started out!). “Ignore” the alphabet layer and cut/engrave the number layer, then flip the pieces over to engrave the letters on the backs. For the “robber,” cut two of the “7” piece, sandwich the plain piece between them, and use the small circle with the slot in it as the base.

The VP disks file didn’t want to show up for some reason, so here it is zipped: Catan VP (277.0 KB)

Requisite Catan Board

Amazingly generous of you!


Thanks for all this.

Your board finally got me to go look at the game to see what all the fuss is about :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing!!


Very, very kind of you! Thank you!


Thank you for the file


Very kind of you to share. You and your brother have been a great addition to the community! :+1:


It’s an amazing community to be a part of. I am so appreciative of the positive, helpful attitudes of almost everyone I’ve encountered here. It makes me WANT to give back!


Yes! The atmosphere here creates a feedback loop. It’s the people, and the creative tendencies we are collectively afflicted with.
I really am an introvert, but you wouldn’t guess that from my behavior here. A welcoming place where I have no problem crawling out of my shell, uncharacteristic of me.


Same here. I’m much more gregarious online than in person. :wink:


Post more than I would talk. But tone probably the same.


This is great! I’ll have to add it to my Laser Catan collection. :slight_smile: