Celtic-themed dodecahedron

PG Med Maple Ply.

Uses a AAA-powered light puck, designed for underwater illumination but cheap and functional.

I have a couple of detail and interior shots over here.


saved to my wish list lol

I actually bought them thinking they might make good bases for etched acrylic sheet, but they don’t. Between this and a couple of other things I’ve been working on, however, they’ll get used up.

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Whoa, That is really cool.

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I like it a lot!

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To give away my age and delinquent past, that looks trippy, man. I think I’m gonna need something like that in my life…


Very nice.

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My daughter absolutely loved it. More so, just about every employee in the restaurant couldn’t stop asking about it (we left it on the table slowly changing colors…)


How come you don’t like them for etched acrylic sheet? I use them for this all the time. Made a little box out of birch ply, cut a slot to fit the acrylic. The light seems strong enough.

Love how it turned out!

I’ve seen those pucks but could come up with a use for them. This is perfect!