Ceramic Tile Mania!

First and foremost, I’d like to thank @Laen for posting this: Etching Tile

I’m not always on the forum so occasionally something will be posted and I miss it the first time around. Luckily the forum works in mysterious way and internetcraft making posts reappear when someone has commented on them recently. With that said, I was put into a frenzy and needed to go out and buy some of this tile. I also got mine from Lowe’s, and because a few people had said they were made to buy a box of 100, I went into the store with the mentality that I would also buy a box of that amount. So we found where they kept their tile, and I was worried that I wasn’t going to find the cheap/good stuff because everything I was originally looking at was closer to $.60 and up. We found the goods at $.18 (Hawaii premiums adding in a couple of cents per piece), but there were only 16 left! See, I was already worked up into buying a box, so my wife went and found an employee to help us a look. His inventory log said they should have a couple hundred laying around, but we never found them. Another store had several thousand, but we weren’t wanting to drive another 40 minutes out of our way.

This turned out to be alright, because I ended up grabbing the ones they did have, as well as these ones:

I. Love. Them. The mentality was that with the 3"x6" we would be able to do names/words/ etc. as well as pictures, and I wasn’t getting the same vibe from the 4"x4". We got home, and I couldn’t help myself; I had to start lasering this tile! These are the results

My wife’s birthday was yesterday so I made the pineapple for her, but she was jealous of me “doing all the work” and insisted that she let me let her choose an image to engrave. She’s kind of a funny cat person and fell in love with the cat design immediately. The one on the far left is artwork by an instagram artist, and the fingerprint is my logo.

The stands are from @Janerlea but the smaller version posted by @markwal within this thread:

I added my signature to the legs of the stands so I didn’t have to figure out a way to etch the back of the tile.

Thanks to the people that experiment and share their wonderful ideas with the rest of us. These have been exciting to make, and make me enthusiastic about what else can be put into the forge!

EDIT: I’d like to add that I originally used masking but this leaves virtually no residue so I opted to just etch on the tiles directly. Used sharpies to color them in, and have not sealed with anything. Regular paper towels with some Windex goes a long way when cleaning the over markings. I may add a photo of the before to show the process but I’ll have to do so when I go home tonight.


They turned out spectacular! (Love the logo on that stand.) :grinning:


Love the logo on the stand! Now why didn’t I think of that … :joy:


What did you do for the different colors?


Sharpie markers. I guess maybe I should mention that in my post.

Haha it was a random thought I had but only as a solution. It wasn’t until I tried to figure out a way to get my logo on the tile that I realized I would be using your stand design and that it would be so much easier to do when cutting them out. Thanks again for the awesome design!


My pleasure! And I didn’t realize you had linked the original post at the top, I found the sharpie comment there after I posted this. Duh me! I want to try this though! The original posted mentioned possibly sealing them. Do you think you will?

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Hmm, I don’t think I will. I’ve scrubbed these with paper towels and Windex and have lost very little color. It’s nothing that can’t be touched up. In the future I may consider doing so if they’re going to be used in an environment that will require them to be cleaned more often such as backsplashes on countertops or something similar, but for now I think as a decoration they’ll be okay. Hard to say :thinking:


I am so diggin’ that cat! Awesome!

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So now … I guess I have to come up with a snazzy logo. Love yours Ray!!! :sunglasses:

And, If I remember correctly --> you actually sell your creations … what do you figure a cool lasered and sharpied tile is worth?



…and we draw another victim into our Tile Rabbit Hole!

Bwaaahhhaaaaaa! :sunglasses:


Haha, yes, another one bites the dust. Seriously, these are amazing.

I’ve been thinking about this, and I think I’ll go for $20. I’ll even offer to do custom orders, and with school graduations coming up, I think these will be a hit!


Worked on this one tonite. From a big fishing area —> any comments?


The color is great!


Yep, great color! :grinning:

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Great work, I too have gone down that hole and have both the 4x4 and purchased the 3x6 next day.

Love the colors on the dare I say rainbow trout.

Still having issues with large expanse engraves and keeping color.


That’s an awesome little niche to get into. Fishermen will buy anything related to fishing (ask me how I know). And the fly fishing inclusion gets you a little upcharge room :wink:

That coloring is fantastic. How are y’all doing this!? Are y’all professional artists!?


Not even close to a professional anything. Q-tip and 5 tubes of $.50 acrylic paint from WalMart followed by a paper napkin. Maybe 5 minutes of work. :sunglasses:


I moved from Utah, and know plenty of guys out there that would love this type of thing! I really like the mixed coloring you got there, seriously cool thinking!

I had that issue last night as I was making a new one. Seems more precision work, rather than the barbaric scrubbing I was doing before may be the right way to go.

I have to agree and state that I do not consider myself an artist either, although my wife would beg to differ :sweat_smile: When you buy a box of 100 tile you can really feel free to play around and experiment. It’s nothing like PG which I consider every inch to be valuable (though I do waste a lot of that as well…haha)


Is that clip art fingerprint or your actual fingerprint? Awesome logo

The designs and colours of the tiles are fantastic, great touch with signature on the stand.


Wow! My husband would flip over this!

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