Circle Errors

Whenever we cut perfect circles, they come out distorted. Other custom shapes are fine… usually. The circles come out jagged. It’s weird that the other shapes are fine, but circles are distorted. image|500x500

check your wheels to make sure none are broken!

Are you creating the circles in the GFUI, or uploading from somewhere else? If somewhere else, can you post your art? That only circles are odd would push this toward a design issue over a mechanical one, but it’s possible it’s mechanical but you’re only noticing it when there’s a curve so checking your wheels (there are 8 total) and your belts (3 total) for debris or breaks is also smart.

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There have been reports of small circles being interpreted as diamonds in the interface. Adding an additional node in the circle in the artworks fixes the issue, I believe.

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Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble @ardenttie.

To help us investigate further, could you please do the following?

  1. Turn off your Glowforge

  2. Remove the carriage plate from the laser arm

  3. Closely inspect the carriage plate wheels from the top for any cracks or other damage

  4. Closely inspect the sides of the wheels for any cracks or other damage

  5. If you notice anything damaged or out of place, please take a photo and attach it to your reply.

Let us know what you find!


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