Cleanhook - Avoid Germs!

During the COVID-19 outbreak here in the US, I realized that I was still touching door handles and keypads when out for my occasional food/beverage run.

Introducing cleanhook - the only tool you need to never touch a door handle again! (Doorknobs, however, will still stymie you.) Complete with a recessed thumb rest for added muscle and a button fob for button-crushing accuracy! With a little paint or laquer, these will be ready to be sanitized and enjoyed for the months to come.

Inspired by the “Hygiene Hand” by StatGear, but since theirs is a Kickstarter and isn’t shipping yet, I made my own, better, less damaging one. On the other hand, theirs is supposed to be a stylus, too, which would be cool. Any ideas there?

Dimensions: approx. 3.5"x2", recommend 1/4" plywood.

Lessons learned: 1/8" acrylic is TOO FLIMSY. See rapid prototyping below. I can open my freezer door with this thing.

SVG: (Laid out on a 20"x12" template file)
Cleanhook Version 5

Cleanhook Version 5.pdf (4.3 KB)

Under CC0 license - print to your heart’s content. Share and enjoy!


Wow just wow!!! This is absolutely fantastic. I love it. Thank you so very much for the file.

I had a thick acrylic sheet laying around and gave that a go. Seems to be pretty sturdy from testing around the house. Not sure how comparable it would be to wood but definitely easier to clean.



Interestingly, if you can get it to work right - the coronovirus only lasts up to 24 hours on cardboard as compared to the 4 days on wood and 2-3 days on acrylic

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Hmmm, I’m thinking this could be used to make a mold and then a metal version. Copper plate that and the virus can only last up to 4 hours or so.


The SVG can be run straight into a CNC plasma and it’ll cut right out of 1/8th or 1/4" stainless or aluminum. Aluminum would be good from a lightweight standpoint.


I think the ACTUAL best characteristic of an 1/8" metal version would be that the finger holes would potentially double as a bottle opener.


Very nice design!

There have been other Ideas out there also.

and this…

The virus can live on wood a long time but you can paint it with a good acrylic paint that will have a different result. I presume however that if the plywood is wet with Hand Sanitizer the results would be reversed vs acrylic

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its too short. The contactless door opener has the right idea

Another reason to have levers instead of knobs.


I think a GIF animation of this in action would be pretty awesome.

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That is a great idea. If we are giving them to someone “older” this might confuse them. A quick video on youtube would show them how to use the different functions. :slight_smile:

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That is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. Waiting for my GF to arrive and I will probably be making several of these for the family as we start venturing back into the world :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! This is great! I printed one on thick draft board and it worked like a charm.