Cleaning of the lens

Already opened a ticket last night about this but was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. We just received our Pro Thursday was able to do one success print then afterwards all prints failed. After reading up, we decided to clean the lens. Went to Walmart grabbed a $5 box of Zeiss wipes and went to it. Found the special lens removal tool but the magnet ring was split in two. Ok… So put both pieces on and went to remove lens, as removing it a rubber washer popped right. This washer has a burn mark that split it open. But where did it come from? Anyone else come across this washer.


That’s not good. What is good is that this seems to be a pretty easily replaced part, so when support gets here, I would imagine that replacement wont be too difficult.

My lens removal tool magnet ring was in pieces when I received it. Support was quick to credit my account for the cost of a new one. Consideration there: I got it when I also used my “Founder’s Credit” for a bunch of wood and extra goggles, so the cost of shipping was kind of spread out. Not sure what shipping cost for just this part would be. It won’t be zero and it won’t be credited to you (if my experience was representative).
Now that I have it, I haven’t yet used it to remove the lens, so can’t be helpful about the gasket thing.

Good luck!

Is there a video tutorial somewhere showing how to do this cleaning?

Probably a community member has posted a YouTube video, but the official walkthrough has step-by-step photos:

Usually photos are enough for me but in this case (for some reason) I want a video.

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Looks like there is some error so they want to send back the unit for repairs.

It’s used to help retain the lens inside the lens assembly. It sits between an internal snap ring and the lens.

Shown here:

And in a sectional view, to better illustrate:

It appears to be a standard square profile o-ring (something like this).

My hunch is that GF is going to send you a new lens assembly.


My guess from the email is a new unit. But I think it’s just the lens unit that has the issue.

They could be looking to know ‘why’ it was burned, in the event it was due to an issue with the unit.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.