Clear Glass Tiles - Backlit

I was experimenting with the glass tiles, as a few others did here, had a failure, then finally got my feeds / speeds correct ( Or at least close :wink: . Then I back-lit the glass. Looked great. But the LED is a point source, so some diffuser is needed in the back to spread the light out a bit better. But, now I’ll push and do some engraving… got some neat ideas for these now. Thanks for the inspiration! ( You can see my mistake … )


Welcome to the group! Looks like a great result on the engrave. :grinning:

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Nice going!

Do you mind to post what you setting were?

Forum rules restrict mention of non-PG settings to the Beyond the Manual section, so it’s a good place to go looking for that information. :slight_smile: I did a quick search for “glass tile settings” and found this one:

Thank you.

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