Etch small glass tiles

I just tried etching some small glass tiles, using settings that I read about here

The pattern in the etch is interesting. There were some bubbles in the dish soap, but they weren’t uniform, so I am not sure of the cause. Perhaps as the dish soap vaporizes, it causes this effect.

Settings: Speed 360, Full Power (GF standard), LPI 225, dot density.

The glass tiles are available on Amazon: glass tiles


How sweet. I love it!!

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I wonder if there is a good technique to paint fill this. Something that doesn’t require hand-eye coordination :slight_smile:

Is that on the front or the back?


I would try wiping on some transparent airbrush paint (because I have it) that would be easy enough to clean off the surface.


Apply your own masking; paint after lasering; remove masking. If there is any bleeding/wicking under the masking remove with razor blade - it is glass after all.

In that design I love the string of beads effect.

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Unfortunately, it is necessary to put something like dish soap on the glass to cool it during laser-ing so as to prevent it from cracking. I don’t see a way to do both that and masking for paint.

Ok, got it.

Have you tried one though? It’s possible the masking will have a similar effect to dish soap/wet newsprint.

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I have not. It’s a great idea, and a simple thing for me to try.

Maybe get a spraybottle with a soap/water mixture and spray the taped surface just before you laser?

After seeing some very strange distortion etching one of these squares, I’ve decided to just not use the laser for this. If I really want to etch glass, I’ll go the sand-blast route using the approach that @dan outlined in another post.