Clip tool on inkscape. I thought i did it and now I'm sad. asking for help for the third time in as many days

ok. so I was so proud of myself because I figured out how to get rid of parts of a pattern that went off the sides of the shape I needed to cover by using the clip tool in inkscape. I was so excited, because I knew this would be huge as I designed things… well, not so much. when I uploaded it to the GFUI it said “psych!! that pattern is still there and we are going to convert it back into a cutting file for you!” well, those aren’t the exact words, but that’s what they meant, and now my triumph has turned into a tragedy. though it looks great in inkscape, GF won’t have it! any advice?? (btw, the task I am trying to accomplish is to cut part of a square pattern off because I’m putting it on an oval lid. )

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We’ll get you there, you are actually trying and that is 90% right there.

Yes, sadly the GFUI doesn’t support clip tool but there is always more than one way to skin a cat. (why does everyone want to skin a cat?)

Anyway, the Boolean functions are! So you can get rid of that extra stuff forever. Can’t help further without seeing the file itself but these are the functions you need to be studying.



You can also go to “Edit>Make Bitmap Copy” of the clipped image and that copy won’t make the glowforge puke.
Keep after it, after you understand some of the fundamentals everything starts flowing. Enjoy your triumphs, failure leads to understanding. Understanding failure leads to success!


I am working on it, but guess what, I was reading everything I could on the forum trying to find an answer while waiting and somebody in an old thread had said some funky way around it, and it worked perfectly. I’m printing the resulting file now, but it LOOKS right anyway


oh, this is the exact thing I figured out!


Thanx, I didn’t know that trick. Like I said… more than one way to skin a cat.


Yup, you need to learn those Boolean functions but @PrintToLaser way is best for today. I learned something from your problem. Thanx!


This is an important step on the road to design mastery. It’s one of the basic Merit badges for the Glowforge.

Here is a topic with a reference to a long early discussion about clip paths and then I have an explanation of a design that demonstrates clip paths and not.


Hi there! Glad to see that you’ve already gotten some excellent advice from others here on the forum. Did the methods shared get you fully up and running? If you’re still having trouble, would you mind sharing the file here so we can take a closer look? If you’d rather not post it here, you can email it to us at

I see you followed up with us on this via email and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.