Coaster set box/rack

I made a holder for the coasters. Project’s drone except for a light coat of shellac.

If I were to do it again, I’d give myself a bit more extra room in the box, the fit is snug. Not unusable but snug.

See previously:


What a nice, personalized finish to an outstanding project!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

It might be worth noting that that quote is by Carl Sagan, and that’s an image of his signature.

The small star chart is another representation of Canis Major.


I want to get on your gift list! :wink:


Looks great. Where did you source your slate, if you don’t mind my asking?

He gave a link in the above link to the original post.

I like how your signature is on there. I’ve not really seen many others do this, and I have been planning to do the same thing when my GF arrives.

Thanks. I visited and read the original post but overlooked it as an ad. Habit.

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Not my signature, Carl Sagan’s. :slight_smile:

ha ha…I couldn’t read it. I just assumed it was yours. Still a cool concept.