Easy way to split an image into equal pieces

So, I’m in process of making a set of coasters as a gift.

I found an outrageously high resolution star chart from 1821, and cropped it down to isolate Canis Major (My sister loves her dogs), and wanted to get 6 coaster-ready squares from it.

Enter Pine Tools. Saved me a bunch of headache: http://pinetools.com/split-image

I cropped the image to be 2:3 aspect ratio first, then sent it to pine tools to be split up to tiles.

First, here’s a lower-res version of the main image:

Here are a couple of the resulting tiles…



Love this!

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Awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you tried printing them? In my experience splitting the images is the easy part, getting a seamless print out of them is a bit tricky. I’m actually doing one right this moment and even though I lined them up to be seamless, the GF leaves the thinnest of lines between them.

Very interested to see if this program does something magical to resolve.

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Perhaps I misunderstood, but I think the OP was going for six separate coasters.

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Correct, 6 separate coasters. In fact, a test burn on birch yielded…

Pretty pleased with the quality of the source image. Now to decide on what material to use for the final product…


Ah well beware if you ever need to put them back together :smiley: That came out pretty nice, have you tried them on cork? The contrast you get could lend itself well.


Wow … what a cool idea!