Coin Reeding SVG's

Hello all,
It’s my first post here so I figured it should be something that might at least be useful to someone. Long story short my wife asked me to make a challenge style coin for her close friend who is now 90 days sober and the one she linked was plain and boring.
After trying my best to find a coin file that I liked and could start with I ended up making one of my own. The one thing I kept wanting was a the coin to have a knurl on the edge, which I now know is called reeding.
What I ended up making was 2 files that create a knurl/reed for a coin or whatever really. I will post some pictures of some of the blanks I made for testing when I get home. The shallow knurl file on a 1.6" coin ended up making a very fine reed all the way around. I ended up not cutting the deep knurl file because I liked the fine reeding as much as I did.
The shallow knurl ends up being 360 ridges and the deep knurl ends up being 180 because that made it easier to work out being even.
Coin knurl deep
Coin knurl shallow
Again I hope these help someone, I’m going to likely use these quite often because of the first set turning out so well. The settings were just default cut settings on PG materials. If any problems with these come up please let me know, and I will post some pics of both files cut when I get home in a couple hours.


What a cool idea! (Never knew that had a name !) :smile:


Hey, that’s pretty cool! Looking forward to seeing your finished coins.


Welcome. Congrats to your wife’s friend.


Thanks so much for the file. Looking forward to trying this out with a coin I would like to make. And serious congrats to your wife’s friend. I hope (she) continues on this positive path.


These are 1.6" blanks cut in each size reeding. I’m sorry to disappoint but the completed coins are not going to be shown. My wife had me engrave a personal message on it and probably wouldn’t want it shared. I will have some other coins made soon.


As a person who has been sober since 2013, thank you for supporting someone’s sobriety.


The Reading on this looks really great.
Congrats to your wife’s friend.


By the way, I love your avatar. It’s Manny from Grim Fandango, right? I made a mask for Halloween couple years ago like that.


Thank you for sharing!
The coin outline is great and will definitely save us some time.
The ideas of what to do inside the coin are endless.
Thanks again!


There is an easy way in inkscape to do that pattern along a path applied along a circle would give a wide variety of styles.

It is good to keep in mind that there are still old fashioned tools like sandpaper that can round the points at the upper and lower edges of the reeding as is seen on actual coins. It can seem too obvious but many folk get so caught up in what the Glowforge does they forget other tools exist.

BTW reeding was the great invention to frustrate the original chiselers.


Thank for this!


Hi there, welcome to the forum.

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Yes the avatar is Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango, I ended up doing the same thing one year. It really is one of my favorite games.

Thanks for the tip with inkscape, im still new to inkscape and I like it a lot for editing SVGs. I’m most familiar with GIMP but even still im not great with it so its all a steep learning curve. I still have a lot to learn with inkscape, every time end up making something new I learn something different.

Thanks for all the well wishes for my wife’s friend, my wife has already requested variants for the rest of the milestones that will come up.


Thanks for this!


Thank you for the share! What a great idea! I need to make some coins for my Grandson’s treasure box. Also, my husband loves to metal detect and does some coin collecting. Would be fun to do one for him.