Colonial Vipers full forward thrust


Always a sucker for retro stuff I had set my mind on building a 3D model of the old Battlestar Galactica Vipers. I had one of my old toys as a reference.

Deciding to keep it simple, I used the shapes as a guideline for building my first model.

I’d cut the slots to hold the wings on too deep and the hit the front engine piece so I went back and adjusted a bit. That got me to a good fit. I also designed two more plates to give the engine area more volume.

Now that I felt I had a solid foundation to build on, I set to making some details I could etch and score into the body. I used some images from the web as well as the toy to design the details. I was able to use the camera in the Glowforge to align the etching on the other sides of the pieces as well. I like the speed as well as the clean lines of a score mark where I can use it. In the end I wound up with a mix of both etch and score patterns.

At this point I was pretty happy with the results.

But, really, my rubber band gun project had an ulterior motive. This wouldn’t be retro enough without choking hazards :wink: So, I added a bit to the underside of the model.

It’s a slot with a block that slides along it and dislodges the rubber band you can stretch from the nose to the rear. While hard to operate with my left hand while trying to record it in use, you can still see it here :slight_smile:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending January 28th, 2017
Recreating missiling peices for old toys

The Viper has always been among my favorite ships in the sci-fi realm. Nice work! It looks awesome.




That is really fun :slight_smile:


You are just having way too much fun! It is awesome though, keep it up.


Really nice work.


Very nice idea!


Awesome…I like the pew pew elastic…TODO !


Cool. I wanted the Viper, but I got a Battlestar Galactica toy for Christmas that I don’t think was ever even in the TV show. On the bright side it had the little orange shooting darts that were later labeled a choking hazard.


Fascinating that @chadmart1076 and @macphee both demonstrated some pretty precise flipping parts and doing operations on the other side today.

Nice Viper. Cylons beware!


Okay, that’s awesome. Home run!


Ahh, the sci-fi memories. Starbuck to the rescue!


Sweeet! (Great model job!) :sunglasses:


Instant flash back to mental replaying of the episodes and story line…

Nice job on the seam lines.


Really nice work with the score lines reflecting the “paint” and structural details of the original.

I used to love Battlestar!


Great job! Now make a rubber band gun big enough to launch it!



That’s really cool. Now I’m wondering how many of my old toys I can replicate.


You and me both :slight_smile: Never thought of using my lasers to do that. Now I’ve got another time sink to worry about :smile:


You kidding? I see just about anything and say “I bet I can laser that.” I believe when I get my 'forge I will attempt to laser anything in my path.