Coming to Glowforge Print: Printscan: 3/31/21 Latest Improvements


What just changed?
For some reason I can no longer enter the thickness of my Uncertified Material.

It’s just ghosted out. On more than one browser. This change was in the last 24 hours.
Was some kind of system change effected on 2/31/21 ?

That particular button gets locked out if you click with the Set Focus tool straight away to choose the thickness. (Not sure if that’s what happened, but if you want to set your own thickness, don’t use Set Focus on it.)


Did not change a single thing.
I printed the same pattern less than 24 hours earlier.

Went back to all my designs for cardboard and paper. ALL gone.
The forge is essentially a brick now.

Well, unfortunately in that case you will want to open a ticket with Support so they can look into it for you. (Either a new thread in the Problems and Support section or an email to

Well something has changed in the Dashboard logic.

For the last year I’ve used this feature without the glowforge turned on. (My design studio is more than 50 ft from my GF. I send and tune the designs before I hoof it over to the GF.) On a whim I turned it on and let it warm up first. Now I can set the height (for now?)

Whats up w that?

So I guess my subsequent question is where are the Release Notes?
(I don’t think this is a good feature)

Is Printscan going to stay for everyone or be for Premium?

Nvm, found the answer (everyone)… came to this thread from a link in the UI without the full announcements.

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