Confirmation Class Gift: custom Edge lit acrylic sign


18 signs, 15 for students and three for the catechists.

Lots of weeding needed for all the parts.

Nice to be able to engrave the date on the base.

I got the design here which was offered free to use.

I did redo the whole thing in Inkscape so I could customize the size better. Slightly different fonts.

These are all made as I did post before about using my 3D FDM printer and the Glowforge. Lots of Soldering.


Ohhhh, what lovely gifts! The recipients will treasure them forever. Got 'em done just in time, too! I can’t imagine making that many lamps from scratch.


beautiful gifts I’m sure will be cherished!


Those look great! Did you use just a simple LED in the base? How do you power it?


Shame that wasn’t available when I was confirmed. Those are very special. :slightly_smiling_face:


I bought a bunch of USB cables, cut off the micro end and then soldered to 5v LED strips that I had cut into three strips. Check the referenced post for how to on that. They use any USB wall wart or USB port in a computer, hub or screen.


Cool! Have to try this :slight_smile:


Really nice gifts! That was a daunting task, especially with all the cutting/soldering. Try these next time – 'way less work! :slight_smile: