Connect to wifi

I have a new wifi and have’t been able to connect

Follow the wifi setup instructions, just as you did when the machine was new.


I tried, i tried about 10 times going thru what it said to do. I changed to starlink and it is so fast i thought maybe this would be easer. I have a tech. coming tommow I just thought maybe i could get it


Several users in the forum have Starlink. How far into the setup do you get?

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The glowforge will only connect to a 2.5ghz connection. Make sure you aren’t trying to connect to 5ghz.

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I get where its sending out a singnal and my glowforges are green and then nothing happens

As stated above, do you have Starlink set for 2.4gHz?

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Reading through this thread may help you: Glowforge will not connect to my new wifi internet - #3 by robinnreed


Thanks everyone. My daughter who lives 3000 miles from me fixed. Thank God for kids!!!


Glad you are up and running.


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