Consistent "Bump" error

My glowforge consistently gives me a bump error with every print. I can’t get through 30 seconds of a print without having to cancel the print. I’ve searched through all forum communications relating to this issue and have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions I can find. PLEASE HELP!

You might want to specify which suggestions you have tried, otherwise support will have to start out providing them, which will just slow things down.

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Thank you. to clarify, I’ve used every suggestion from the article linked below:

Hi @crachad.laing - I see you’ve emailed us about this issue as well. I’ve just reached out with some next steps for troubleshooting via that email thread. To keep things neat and tidy, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic and we can finish up getting your troubleshooting taken care of via that email. Thanks!