Control GlowForge from a tablet

I finally got my GlowForge Pro. It works smoothly.

I would like to control my GlowForge from a browser on my tablet. The only problem is lack of a key board. I do not have a delete key to remove artwork.

Is there another way to remove artwork?

Drag it out of bounds and it will not print.


The last settings for the file are saved, so if you delete anything, it will remember that too. :grimacing:


Deleting and autosave isn’t always a great combo. Here’s a look at why…

Go back to home and load a file with only what you want in it. Or move the selection out of bounds. I have an Android tablet by my glowforge and there are just some things you can’t do with it. It can be very frustrating. The fact is the browser UI does not consider mobile devices. Presumably this will eventually be made better.

The auto-save does have one advantage for tablet users. When you’re at a computer you can upload multiple designs from a PC to the app, position them and configure settings. Note that you can do this with your glowforge turned off or on. Then when you’re by the machine you can just open them from your tablet and press print.


This is the best way to reset the GlowForge. UI should have a back button or link to the home page. The button / link should have check before the leaving the page to prevent accidental clicking.

This can be closed or given to Support for UI action.

Clicking Home or the Glowforge bug will take you home.

A mouse over to let us know it is a link.


All I’m saying is that what you asked for is already there. Two times. The bug may not be so obvious (though that is pretty much a website standard nowadays) but Home is pretty much self-explanatory?

And a mouse over would be a irrelevant for tablet control?

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Home button is ambiguous. It could be or .

Calling it Design Home or ‘Your Designs’ would be clearer.

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And heavens knows what might happen if you actually clicked it to see :rofl:


Thanks for asking. Currently, the best way to print from a tablet is to open your tablet’s browser and go to At this time, the best way to delete design aspects inside the workspace are to either set them to ignore or move them outside the printable area!

Thank you to everyone for providing guidance.

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