Convert STL to SVG With TinkerCAD


I just found a super easy way to convert STL (3D) files to SVG – TinkerCAD!

  1. Load your STL file
  2. Orient it so that the slice you want to export is sitting on the “floor” of the workspace
  3. Click “export,” and select SVG.
  4. Done!


Great find. This will be supper handy to anyone using TinkerCAD.


In fact it might be worth getting Tinkercad just to do that. Thanks!


Nothing to get. Just log in in and start making. It is all in the cloud. :cloud:


Cool! I’ve tried doing something like this in Openscad, and sometimes it works, sometimes the details of the mesh make it go boom. So if TinkerCAD can just do it…

Additional exercise for the reader: repeat, moving the STL up/down by some small amount each time.


Thanks for the info. This will be an interesting rabbit hole for me.




Out of curiosity, what does the output look like?


Like this.

It still produces a ton of nodes if your pattern is complex, just like every slicer I’ve tried…

So you’d either have to simplify or convert to raster for GF to handle it, but it’s at least a start!


What did it look like as a 3d image? I am just curious as to why this process is necessary… not to say it isn’t, I just cant wrap my head around it.


It’s part of the lid to a decorative box, so it pretty much looked like that, only thicker.

There have been a few times when I’ve had an STL file that contained something I wanted to use as part of a laser project, and all the previous ways I’d found to convert them to SVG were really fiddly and unreliable. This one is fast and easy, in comparison. :slight_smile:


I see… thanks for the insight.


In case there is anyone still stumped on signing up. =)