Converting Dashes

Is there anyway to stop the conversion of dashed lines when uploading an image?

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They are only dashed when not assigned a job. :slightly_smiling_face: Ignored or not yet assigned they will be dashed so you can tell they are not assigned.

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This conversion is being done during the upload process. you are referencing the image after uploaded.

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Yes that is where it starts. Give it a setting and use Set Focus and it should be a regular line of a different color :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m guessing you’re talking about using a brush to make a line look dashed in your program, but when you upload it to the GFUI it removes all masks so it shows a solid line instead.

If yes, yes - but it depends on which program you’re using. If it’s Inkscape there are instructions here:

and Illustrator (which I don’t use so I can’t vouch for this method):


@deirdrebeth has some great suggestions. Let us know if those don’t get you what you need.