Copy/Paste object placement and print error (with supporting info)

Had a problem with the GF cutting objects in a different position than that shown in the preview image. Others have reported a similar problem with cut/paste, so figured backup information might be useful. File processed at 12pm (noon) on 5/29 Eastern time. Problem shows up on two different laptops, one with the most recent version of Chrome.

First image below shows the preview image with after print bed scan. The bottom right object was cut in an incorrect position.

Second image below shows the preview image after exiting to Home and re-opening the project. The saved file shows one pasted preview object in a different position than the original preview.

So I tried to replicate the problem…

I opened a version of the file.

I selected and copied one object.

I pasted and positioned the object to the lower right.

I exited to Home and reopened the project. The saved position is not where I positioned it. If I had hit print the object would have been cut in the wrong position compared to what was shown on the Preview.

As a possibly related issue I have had multiple occurrences of one object disappearing from the Preview image when I paste a copy of another object. It is difficult to duplicate. Others have also reported this.

I would have uploaded the file for testing but the original file does not exhibit the problem. Only after multiple copy/paste/rotation/position steps within the UI does the issue manifest. I haven’t been able to figure out the offending steps. But since others have reported the issue, thought my pictures might be helpful.


Thanks for letting me know about this and for testing and documenting your findings so helpfully.

I’m looking into this, and I’ll be in touch when I have more information.

Thanks for your patience.

We are still looking into this.

Are you still seeing this issue?

Only through a random and long series of copy, paste, move steps within the GF app was I able to recreate the problem on another file. So I left the original problem design as saved in the GF app and it still does it every time. If I copy an object and paste it, some other object will disappear. If I get out of the layout space and re-open the changed design the recently pasted object is no where near where I placed it.

It’s very confusing what is happening but I know how to avoid having the bug impact my projects. Only reported it because others have had the problem too.

Thanks for your reply.

If possible, could you provide these steps? I can pass them on to our engineers so they can continue investigating.

Hmmm. Thanks. Figuring out random is hard. But will see what I can come up with after I finish a paid job and some other promised testing.

Don’t know whether you have access to my project space or not. If so it’s “Copy of Hair Thing Middle”. Just try copying a pasting and object, you will see objects disappear. Also will notice if you go to Home and back to the project that the last object may appear in a different place.

Thanks so much for following up. We’re able to see this behavior, too. I’ve passed on these details, and the team will continue looking into it. Since you have a way to avoid the issue, I’m going to close this topic. Once again, thanks for bringing this to our attention!